Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Membership Tracking Screen Shots & Features


Membership Search

The membership tracking module allows for users to search for membership data in a number of ways.  Allowing users to find the membership information, quickly, and efficiently, and correctly the first time.

Membership Information

View your membership information on one screen.  With easy to use tabs, you can see membership history, multiple contact information, privacy options such as "Do Not Call" and "Do Not Email", Drop out information, and Political Rebate information all at once.  With built in audit tracking, you can see when the information was entered and updated, as well as who performed the update.

Adhoc Export

Export your membership information into Microsoft Excel using the Adhoc Export module.  Build search criteria easily, select the fields that you want to export, and save them to a password protected file by following the easy to use wizard.  Once you have the information in Excel, you can perform mass mailings, print labels, or manipulate the data any way you like.  With the Adhoc Export function, you can save commonly used lookup criteria for future use, so you can create the lookup once, and it is always at your finger tips.

Import Membership Data

With Conexus, it is possible to import information from entities outside your organization into the Conexus application with just a few clicks.  The business logic can be customized to handle all kinds of imports, with the ability to validate data upon import. 

Export Membership Information

LaborForce allows for a user to export membership information for a number of reasons.  LaborForce can be customized to have pre-defined export routines for a number of business purposes.  When your membership information is exported, it is password protected to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands.


View reports from within the Conexus application.  Conexus reports can be designed to have any appearance you like, prompt for various parameters, and can be exported and emailed right from the application.


Conexus integrates with Microsoft Active Directory.  This allows your organization to grant or restrict access to different areas of the application, as well as to provide read-only access.
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