Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Political Action and Legislative Module

The Conexus Political Action and Legislative (PAL) module allows for organizations to keep track of pledged amounts, and actual contributions for political purposes.  The PAL module simplifies writing checks to political campaigns and candidates, as well as projecting annual collections.  The robust import and export capabilities allow for quick reporting for government agencies as required by law.

Application Specifications

  1. .Net web application makes for easy access to critical information.
  2. Security using Microsoft Active Directory ensures control.
  3. Exports to fixed format flat file, Microsoft Excel or Acrobat PDF format.
  4. Import and Export data from the PAL application
  5. Microsoft SQL database back end - reliable, scalable, secure place to store all information

Application Features

  • Track dues collected from members
  • Print checks for political campaigns and candidates from the application
  • Project annual collections
  • Track expected pledges against actual contributions
  • Import and Export information
  • Restrict and grant access to application features
  • Batch updates for dues collected and contributions
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