Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Membership Tracking (core module)

  • This application can put your membership tracking headaches to rest and cut back on time and unnecessary expenses with easy to manage technology

  • Browser based software makes organization wide implementation as simple as browsing the Internet

  • With the ability to mark a contact as inactive you can cut down on multiple sources and unnecessary postage

  • You have the ability to send mass email and mailing campaigns


Application Specifications

  1. Not a client application. It runs on the server. You just need Internet Explorer to run the application and Microsoft Office to utilize some of the features.
  2. Imports data from fixed format flat files, Excel spreadsheets and comma delimited flat files.
  3. Ad-hoc import using an editable template to allow flexibility when input format changes.
  4. Exports to fixed format flat file, Microsoft Excel or Acrobat PDF format.
  5. Ad-hoc export to a CSV/Excel format with flexible search, field selection, and sort capabilities.
  6. Web service to automate the running of long batch processes. It can be scheduled or poll a folder to kick off the job when the files appear.
  7. Reports, Labels and Word documents from within the application. No Word Merge is necessary.

Application Features

  1. Maintains union membership information.
  2. Handles multiple mailing and email addresses and phone numbers. Primary addresses and phones are marked for mass mailing/phone campaigns.
  3. Maintain a history of addresses and phone numbers. Addresses/phones can be marked as inactive or bad. This helps in updating member information coming from multiple sources and saving postage on known bad addresses.
  4. Persons can be flagged for do not mail/call when they have requested no contact.
  5. Entry screens use dropdown/search features for data entry to ensure uniform data entry.
  6. Reference tables have maintenance screens to enable easy changes and additions.
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