Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Financial Accounting

  • This application can put your membership tracking headaches to rest and cut back on time and unnecessary expenses with easy to manage technology.

  • Easily manage your chart of accounts account hierarchy

  • Identify a chart of accounts account as either active or inactive

  • Enter payables in batches for specific accounts

  • Enter multiple contacts, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and notes for each vendor

  • Specify a tax type and tax type box for each payable entry

  • Built in capability to produce reports necessary to populate LM reports for the U.S. Department of Labor

Application Specifications

  1. Not a client application. It runs on the server. You just need Internet Explorer to run the application and Microsoft Office to utilize some of the features. 
  2. Integration with Active Directory provides easly security management. 
  3. Exports to fixed format flat file, Microsoft Excel or Acrobat PDF format.
  4. Integrates with the Membership Tracking application for referencing District Council information
  5. Provides built in reporting for all financial reports and check printing.
  6. Imports credit card imforation into accounts payables.
  7. Ability to archive a closed fiscal year.

Application Features

  1. Entry screens use dropdown/search features for data entry to ensure uniform data entry.
  2. Reference tables have maintenance screens to enable easy changes and additions.
  3. Identify a chart of accounts account as a payables account.  This will minimize the number of accounts users have access to when entering acounts payables.
  4. Identify a primary contacts, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses for each vendor.
  5. Easily approve and print account payables checks.
  6. Printing and processign of 1099 forms.
  7. Easily maintain Tax Types and Tax Type Boxes for printing 1099s
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